We make better restaurant experiences

Our Approach

We develop mobile and web-based ordering systems that makes your restaurant operate smoother, turn tables faster, and improve your bottom line.  Ultimately, a profitable restaurant is a restaurant customers can continue to enjoy for a very long time.

Ū are a VIP at every restaurant

The Name 

upkū means to get ahead of the queūe. Origin: upkū is a word made up while having a restaurant meal with friends.  Short, efficient, and one day, we hope it would mean a better dining experience for you.

Do more with each moment

The Mission

Ultimately, we want to give control of your time back to you.  To help maximize your dining experience, simutaneously, giving businesses the tools needed to get back to their core focus.  Venues can focus on food, service, and customer service experience.  Patrons can focus on enjoying the moment.  upkū is about ū being able to do more, without having to deal with all the unnecessary waiting to place an order, and waiting to pay for it.

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