Ordering & Payment

Free setup & no monthly fees. No locked-in period or obligations.  Start (or cancel) at any time.  More than just a service, we are an advocate for your business.

Guests Visit More often When They Can Order Ahead

Happier customers

Guests enjoy ordering, tipping, and paying ahead. It reduces anxiety, and helps them do more with their limited time.

Focus on food

Let customers take care of ordering and payment.  Free up staff to cook and serve.

Keep more profit

With significantly lower costs than delivery apps, you keep more profit.

join team Ū

Your business is ūnique.  As part of Team ū, we work as one to maximize your growth.


Your customers are already digital

New generation, new rules. More than half already prefer to order digitally and a third would like to pay by app at your restaurant. 

Use of upkū app based ordering increase visits and more covers per table each day.  Our customers are really still your customers.  They simply found an easier way to order and pay  again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again …